A Jobcentre is advertising for 10-an-hour webcam performers to act out customers' fantasies by talking dirty and stripping off online.

The Jobcentre in Clapham, south London, advertised the position this week, stating that the job "may cause embarrassment to some people".

The "duties" listed in the job description included "explicit sexual dialogue" and "performing to webcam for clients' and customers' fantasies", according to the advertisement.

The advert also stated that the successful applicant could claim tax credits to top up what they earned performing as a webcam stripper.

Women were also told that the hours were flexible and that they could work between 15 and 40 hours a week.

Sharon Ebbs, 38, of Clapham, said she was horrified when she saw the advert. She said: "If they think I'm going back into work after having two children only to strip off and talk dirty to a bunch of dirty old men all over the world they are very much mistaken.

"I cannot believe that they think this a suitable job to advertise in Jobcentre."

A spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions said that its Jobcentres had a duty to advertise any legal job.

Cybertrader, the company advertising the job, was unavailable for comment.

(The Daily Telegraph)