What are your priorities?

    A recent survey of adults showed the internet and television to be top of the list, followed by a cuddle - and a trustworthy friend.



    1.      Internet connection

    2.      Television

    3.      A cuddle
4.      A trustworthy best friend

    5.      Daily shower

    6.      Central heating

    7.      Cup of tea

    8.      An “I love you” every now and then
9.      A solid marriage
10.    Car

    11.    Spectacles

    12.    Coffee

    13.    Chocolate

    14.    Night in on the sofa

    15.    Glass of wine
    16.    A good cry every now and then

    17.    A full English breakfast

    18.    A foreign holiday once a year
19.    iPhone

    20.    A pint





    World Naked Bike Ride London 8th June 2013

    "The ride is a bold and creative protest against car culture and oil dependency, and a celebration of bicycles and the beautiful individuality of the human body."

    More than 1,000 people took part. Thank goodness it was a sunny day.




    Oh no! Can it really be?

    I read that the end is nigh for room service.

    This news comes from the United States where it seems that a number of hotel chains have decided to call time on that most appealing of luxuries: having food brought up to your room in a hotel.


New York's biggest hotel, the downtown Hilton, has announced that as of August it will no longer offer room service. Instead guests will have access to what the hotel calls a “grab and go service”. This is essentially a self-service cafeteria from which guests can take food up to their room, presumably in disposable packaging rather than on a silver tray with china and cutlery.

    This is a hotel I will certainly not be staying in, but is this really a sign of things to come?

    To my surprise I learn that room service has long been a loss-making venture for hotels, despite the fact that in most hotels it has become prohibitively expensive. It's the labor costs; it takes a lot of people to keep room service running I am told, from the kitchen staff to the waiters who take food up to your room, to the telephone operators who take your order. It requires more staff than having a restaurant on site. It costs too much, takes too much time, and is just not profitable.

    (Saudi Gazette)

    I suppose it all depends on what you want to pay. Many people are content with an electric kettle, mugs and a sufficient supply of tea bags, coffee and biscuits.



    From today's Daily Mail:

    As the recession continues to bite, cash-strapped British women are looking for cut-price ways to fill up their wardrobe this summer.

    And Poundworld are trying to help thrifty women do just that by launching the world's cheapest ever bra - at a price of just £1.

    At £14 less expensive than Marks & Spencer's cheapest support bra, Leeds-based retail rival Poundworld expects a million customers to snap up its latest challenge to the high street's biggest names.

    I like one of the readers comments: "Made by children for 5p"


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